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January 13, 2012


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presentation training

Thanks for sharing your personal story. Very inspiring.

Margaux Joy DeNador

Hi Rebecca, Thank you for your message. I appreciate you letting me know that you are excited and that you enjoyed the story and the song. :)

I want people to sing along with it. Keep singing it Rebecca. While you sing it, imagine what you want to see, hear, feel, create, live, and give.

And let's imagine the fun we can have singing it together one day!!! I love your idea. :)

Hugs, Love & Joy,
Margaux :)

Rebecca Maddock-Dombrowski

What a wonderful story Margaux. I'm so excited for you on this path of discovering your music voice. You have a great voice! Your confidence and passion will show more and more in each song your record.....and perhaps one day I can be one of your background singers. ;-)
Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful story and new song. I could not stop myself from singing along with you. hehehe oxox Rebecca Maddock

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