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November 01, 2009


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Margaux Joy DeNador

Hi Samma, Thank you for your message and comments. You make some great points about parents who have more than one child. I think that even the parents with only one sometimes fail to notice the talents of their child however its much more likely when there are two or more. You are so right about each child, each person, having their own unique talents, abilities, interests, and gifts to give. I am glad you pointed this out as a reminder to all. Many blessings to you. :)


Hello, Margaux:

Great article, and one of great importance. The thought that I wanted to share is about parents of families with more than two children. Parents aren't supposed to have favorites, but it happens, and then I feel they find it difficult to give adequate attention to their other off-springs. I saw this in my own family.

My sister has a beautiful voice, she loves and loved to sing, but no one saw to it to encourage her with singing lessons, etc. Not even much praise for her natural talent. All families are different, but if I could get one thought out there, it would be for parents to see the uniqueness in EACH child. Its a matter of taking time to get to know your children. Not many parents do this.

So parents, take a second look at Molly or Junior and see what talents and creative blood runs in their veins. You will be surprised! By learning about your children you can guide them to become what is innate in their given soul.

Keep up the good work, Margaux, I see you growing right along as well. Wonderful web site.
Many Blessings,

Margaux Joy DeNador

Thank you Maria. I like the way you put it. Parents and children thrive together, each enlarging the circle for the other. You have a wonderful way with words. :)


Your post is a good reminder that good environments do not discriminate between the generations! :) Indeed, children and parents thrive together, each enlarging the circle for the other.

Margaux Joy DeNador

Thank you DC. I appreciate your comment. I agree that it is for everyone. :) Margaux


MX Joy
Great article for not only parents, but for everyone... Keep up the great work....
DC Joy

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